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Jeremy Clarkson Will Buy You A Beer If You Find Him This Thursday As Clarkson’s Farm Presenter Begins London Tour

Despite a number of issues at Clarkson’s Farm including countless battles with the council and Kaleb Cooper’s controversy surrounding a drone pilot, Jeremy Clarkson has been jumping from strength to strength with a number of his businesses taking off on social media. Now, he’s told his Instagram followers to find him on Thursday, and if they do, he’ll buy them a pint of beer.

Hawkstone Lager is one of The Grand Tour presenter’s latest business ventures with him naming the company after the Hawkstone – a famous stone near his Chadlington-based farm. It’s likely you’ve already heard about the beverage company with a number of Jeremy’s clever promotional videos going viral as he tells George Clooney to “f**k off” in front of his millions of followers. And now, in a recent promotional campaign, Jeremy is touring the countless London pubs that stock his product.

He’ll be touring every pub in London that stocks Hawkstone Lager this Thursday.

“If you see me in one of them,” he tells his followers on Instagram. “And you come up to me and you say ‘that was delicious’, I’ll buy you a pint.

“Unless I happen to be in the fifteenth pub of the day, in which case I’ll probably end up buying you the pub.”

This came only days after he commented on the recent controversy surrounding Kaleb Cooper after the Clarkson’s Farm second in command threatened to shoot down a drone owned by a fan of the Prime Video show.

“As a general rule, the only reason an ordinary man might buy one is that he’s a pervert or a burglar,” Jeremy wrote in a column for the Sunday Times.

“That’s why I was a bit concerned to discover the other day that a drone was buzzing around outside my house.”

A spokesperson to Clarkson’s Farm also commented on the situation:

“Having drones fly over private land can be very frustrating.

“In addition, Kaleb and other farmers know how much drones can scare cattle and these cattle were in calf.

“Kaleb’s comments reflect how seriously he takes his cattle’s welfare.”

Will you be around London on Thursday? Check out the pubs.

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