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Jeremy Clarkson Compares Will Smith’s Oscar Slap To When He Punched Piers Morgan: “Trust Me, I Know”

Literally, every person on Earth is now aware of what Will Smith did to Chris Rock at the Oscars event on 28th of March. Since the incident, people have been eagerly voicing their opinions on the internet about ‘who did what to who’ and whether it was right of Will to have slapped the comedian.

Jeremy Clarkson however, has however recalled a similar incident that occurred during his “good old days” when he punched Piers Morgan not once, not twice, but three times at a media awards event 18 years ago for a similar reason.

Simplifying both incidents in his latest Sunday Times Column, Jeremy stated that if you “boiled the incident down to a nub, a man abused another man’s wife and got a slap”.

Going further, he stressed that one would see “much the same sort of thing in any pub and any club in any town on any night in the entire world” and that “award ceremonies seem to make it much more likely. Trust me, I know.”

Jeremy then got into the details of the incident that followed:

“At the 2004 British Press Awards I ran into Piers Morgan, who said something unkind about my wife,” he wrote. “So, even though I was calm and sober, having just come from a recording of Call My Bluff, I hit him.

“And immediately a gang of portly hacks gathered round, chanting, ‘Finish it’, while the motoring editor of The Sun held everyone back by warning them that he was from Newcastle.”

Piers was punched three times in the face. Jeremy suffered a broken finger after whereas Piers suffered a scar above his eye from a ring Jeremy was wearing.

This incident actually added fuel to the fire that Piers Morgan had lit two years prior as a newspaper editor. He had published photos of Jeremy Clarkson with a woman which had upset his family a lot.

A year later, Jeremy poured a glass of water over Pier’s crotch when they were seated near each other during Concorde’s last commercial flight.

While the relationship between the two was quite hot, it all ended well when Piers Morgan revealed in his Daily Mail column in 2014 that he and Jeremy had made amends through a very British tradition. They had a five-hour drinking session with each other to let their feelings out.

Since then, they worked together on a charity special of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and they had a photo taken together in Saint Tropez!

Award ceremony nights as we know them now, aren’t less of a ‘fracas’ themselves eh?

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