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Jeremy Clarkson’s Latest ‘A Level’ Tweet: Cites Hawkstone’s Success

It’s August and it’s that time of the year when teenagers get paranoid about their A-level results. Consequently, Jeremy Clarkson went ahead with his tradition of putting out his A-level results tweet to show what a person can achieve regardless of the grades they scored.

Clarkson has been doing this for many years now by showing off what he has achieved despite getting a C and 2 U’s in his A-level result. The showing off however is meant to be a form of motivation urging students to realize that grades are not the only measure to become a successful person.

His tweets also give hope to dejected students unhappy with their A-level results, instilling in them the notion that scoring poor grades isn’t the end of the road, there could be several opportunities waiting down the lane. All one has to do is keep working toward their goals. Good guy Clarkson ensures his motivating tweets go out every single year, around mid-August.

Behind Clarkson’s funny A-level tweet lies a stark reality of the education system and I’m glad he’s bringing it up through his tweets, which could be helping many, many students in the process. The latest A-Level tweet from the Grand Tour presenter refers to his achievement of having his own brewery despite the not-so-good result. He wrote:

“It’s not the end of the world if your A level results aren’t what you’d hoped for. I got a C and 2 Us and here I am today with my own brewery.”

Speaking of his brewery, Clarkson founded Hawkstone Lager in 2021 and since then, it has been a huge success. In the last two years, Hawkstone Cider and Hawkstone Vodka have also been added to the lineup. The barley used in the Lager is grown in-house, on Clarkson’s farm.

Clarkson’s tweet received 4.1 million views in just 8 hours! Fans have posted replies and some of them worth sharing are as follows:

This fan’s referring to successful TV presenter Michael Parkinson who got two O levels as per Clarkson.

Someone loves the annual tradition as much as I do.

Someone who looks forward to it every year.

Clarkson’s genius…

Someone getting the point.

A Hawkstone fan saying it like Clarkson.

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