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Top Gear Presenter And Car Guru Chris Harris Reveals Interesting New Book

Fortunately, the new Top Gear gave the world Chris Harris, if nothing else, which just saved it from many, many things. There are some amazing car journalists out there but no one filled the gap after the trio left the television world behind. I’m not saying they got replaced. Definitely not. Legends have a special place and nobody can fill them in any way. But Chris Harris has a special way of delivering things and I see traces of the trio in him many times. Coming back to his book which he just unveiled called Variable Valve Timings: Memoirs of a car tragic due to launch on 9th November.

If you’ve watched his videos you just know that the man’s talking complete sense. Be it on estate cars, the world of racing, or BMWs (yes that’s his thing). Just looking at the way he drifts cars should tell you how good a driver he actually is and just how well he translates all that info he’s constantly receiving into a language we can understand while going sideways. And he describes it in a way that gives you a feeling of knowing the car that is being driven. The connection is instant.

The new book is available for pre-order on a number of websites including Amazon UK. The description of it is rather interesting and gives a perfect insight into who Chris Harris really is. It reads:

“Nobody knows cars like Chris Harris does. He calls it ‘unhinged geekery’, but the rest of the world call it infectious enthusiasm, adrenalin fuelled escapism and rigorous journalistic integrity.

And then there are his famous skills at the wheel, from city cars to rally cars, not forgetting the Guinness World Record 3.4km sideways in an electric car.

And now for the first time, Harris takes us down the road of his life-long obssession with the automobile – along surprising diversions, around hazards and obstructions, down the fast lane collecting Gs and back to the lock-up to prep the stock.

From the six-year-old who could recite the stats from What Car? magazine to the YouTube car guru whose honest reviews got him banned by Ferrari. From the Scalextric track of his childhook, to a Somerset version on The Dukes of Hazard in his teens, to podiums as a racing driver out in the world. From behind his garage doors to the floodlit Top Gear studio.

Variable Valve Timings brings you an incredibly engaging story of adventure and petrol-fuelled joy, told with wit, warmth and disarming honesty. This book is a true one-off, just like Chris.”

If you like what Chris Harris delivers through his videos or articles, or if you’re a petrolhead who loves cars, there are high chances you could like this book. I haven’t read the book either but I’m pretty confident about the car man. He always has something unique, something informative to give out to us car guys, every single time!

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