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Jeremy Clarkson’s Girlfriend Drops Hints About the Future of Clarkson’s Farm

Lisa Hogan Teases Season Three Release Date and Possible Season Four

In a recent Instagram post, Lisa Hogan, the girlfriend of Jeremy Clarkson, gave fans of the hit show Clarkson’s Farm something to look forward to. The popular Amazon Prime series, which revolves around Jeremy’s farming adventures in West Oxfordshire, has garnered a devoted fan base. Lisa Hogan, who has been in a relationship with Jeremy Clarkson for six years, teased fans with intriguing details about the show’s future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Season three of Clarkson’s Farm is currently in the filming stage.
  • Lisa Hogan’s Instagram post hinted at the show’s imminent return.
  • There are indications that a fourth season might be in the works.

In the Instagram post, Lisa shared a photo of the show’s film crew with the caption “Penultimate week.” This cryptic message immediately sparked curiosity among fans. One fan asked in the comments section, “When is season three being aired?” to which Lisa Hogan replied, “Once they edit.” This response suggests that the release date for season three is on the horizon.

Another fan expressed concern, saying, “Hopefully not the penultimate week of the penultimate season.” Lisa Hogan promptly responded with a reassuring “…nope.” This exchange hints at the possibility of more seasons beyond the third.

Adding to the excitement, a fan inquired about the prospect of season four, to which Lisa responded with an enthusiastic ‘okay’ thumbs up emoji. While this may not confirm a fourth season, it certainly fuels speculation and anticipation among fans.

This update from Lisa Hogan comes after Jeremy Clarkson himself contemplated selling Diddly Squat Farm in Chadlington due to a series of challenges. Jeremy faced difficulties such as failed crops, adverse weather conditions, and low profit margins, prompting him to consider selling the farm. In the past, he has struggled to turn a profit, with his first year yielding just £114. Moreover, issues like over-fermentation in his Hawkstone cider bottles added to his farming woes.

In his Sunday Times column, Jeremy Clarkson revealed his dilemma: “I arrived at a crossroads and was not sure which way to turn. I could sell the farm and earn far more from the interest than I do from growing bread and beer and vegetable oil.”

However, he ultimately decided to keep the farm, as it holds sentimental and financial value. Farmland is not subject to death duties, making it an attractive asset to pass on to his children.

As of now, Amazon Prime has confirmed that a third series of Clarkson’s Farm is in the works, but an exact release date for 2024 has not been disclosed. In February, Jeremy Clarkson estimated that the show would return approximately 18 months from then.

Fans eager to catch up on Jeremy’s farming adventures can currently watch seasons one and two of Clarkson’s Farm on Prime Video. Stay tuned for more updates on the future of this beloved series!

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