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Kaleb Cooper: From Farming to Fame – The Unlikely Journey of a TV Star

Kaleb Cooper, the breakout star of Prime Video's 'Clarkson's Farm,' opens up about his journey from a Cotswold farm to becoming a TV sensation, author, and promoter of the farming industry.

In a candid interview, Kaleb Cooper, the unassuming farmer turned TV sensation, reveals surprising similarities between himself and Jeremy Clarkson, the former Top Gear presenter. Cooper’s rise to fame through Prime Video’s ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ is a testament to his unique charm and no-nonsense approach to farming advice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kaleb Cooper and Jeremy Clarkson share an unexpected camaraderie, despite their differences.
  • Cooper’s life has seen significant changes since his debut on ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ in 2021, including becoming an author and preparing for a theatre tour.
  • Cooper’s newfound interest in books and travel is expanding his horizons, even though he remains rooted in his hometown of Chipping Norton.

From behind the wheel of a tractor to the pages of a book and the screens of millions, Kaleb Cooper’s journey is as remarkable as it is unexpected. The young farmer, who shot to fame as a no-nonsense advisor on Prime Video’s hit series ‘Clarkson’s Farm,’ shares a surprising bond with Jeremy Clarkson, the show’s star, albeit with a playful jab at Clarkson’s “uselessness.”

“I mean, I’m not that useless. I’m quite good with my hands – unlike him,” Cooper chuckles in his characteristically good-natured manner.

While Cooper may be best known for his on-screen chemistry with Clarkson, he’s quick to emphasize that their rapport is entirely genuine. “We’re really good friends, apart from the arguing – we may stop talking to each other for a day or two after our argument, but that’s completely normal, we’re used to that,” Cooper admits. “Eventually, we come together and have a cup of tea and we’re fine again, we keep talking about farming.”

Despite his newfound celebrity status, Cooper remains deeply connected to his farming roots. As he chats on a video call from a field, he apologizes for the potential background noise of tractors. “I do apologize if you’re going to hear beeping or tractors or anything like that, but I’m literally in a field,” he says.

Cooper’s journey has taken an unexpected turn since his debut on ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ in 2021. He has authored two books, embraced the world of literature, and is even preparing for a theatre tour of the UK in 2024. Reflecting on his transformation into a writer, Cooper humorously admits, “The only problem is when I’m on a tractor and reading a book…they get very angry when I get hooked in a book. It’s not good.”

His second book, ‘Britain According To Kaleb: The Wonderful World of Country Life,’ explores some of the quirkiest traditions across Britain, such as cheese rolling in Gloucestershire and the wife-carrying race from Surrey.

As Cooper delves into writing, he is also beginning to explore the broader world beyond Chipping Norton. “I started Googling places and I was like, I’m missing out on so much on the different stuff that’s going on around the world,” he admits. “I’d love to go there.”

Despite his newfound interest in travel, Cooper’s heart remains firmly in farming. He is determined to promote the farming industry and inspire younger generations to pursue it. His commitment to this cause is evident in the joy he derives from seeing children dressed up as him on World Book Day, aspiring to be farmers in the future.

As Cooper continues to work toward his dreams, he encapsulates his journey with a simple yet powerful motto: “Dreams don’t work unless you do.” His ultimate goal? To own his own farm and continue nurturing the rural way of life he holds dear.

With his down-to-earth charm and unwavering dedication, Kaleb Cooper has proven that unexpected journeys can lead to remarkable destinations. From the fields of Chipping Norton to the world stage, Cooper’s story is one of authenticity, ambition, and a love for the land that runs deep.

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