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James May Undergoes An “Intense” Experience After The End Of The Grand Tour

Talking about the upcoming season of his Amazon Prime show, ‘Our Man In…,’ set in India, James May opened up about the intense experience during filming. In a recent interview, The Grand Tour co-host provided a glimpse into the show shortly after Jeremy Clarkson’s announcement about the conclusion of the motoring series.

Having explored Italy and Japan previously, season three of May’s solo show will come from India on the 5th of January, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video. Talking about his unusual experience in the country, May told The Radio Times:

“The experience is intense, admittedly. It’s noisy and crowded and hot, and it’s certainly harder work than going to Florence.

“But if you relax and don’t bring your European sensitivities to it, it’s a great country.

May also revealed that the “loose society” is such that “everyone should visit at least once.” Additionally, he mentioned that according to Mahatma Gandhi, the “soul of India” resides in the Sundarbans, which turned out to be his favorite place on the trip. The Sunderbans is among the world’s largest mangrove forests and is recognized as the habitat of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

The comments from May come a few weeks after Jeremy Clarkson revealed through an Instagram post that there would be “no more Grand Tour” but, a lot more Clarkson’s Farm in the coming months.

According to the Independent, the popular motoring show has not been canceled, and producers are considering various alternatives, including the possibility of introducing new hosts. The old Top Gear Trio- May, Clarkson, and Richard Hammond are pursuing their individual shows and other business ventures and thus, it is challenging for them to take off time and get together for The Grand Tour. Not to forget the age that has been catching up with them, well at least with May and Clarkson.

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