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Fans Call Out The Grand Tour for “So Much Fake Sh*t”

The Grand Tour has come under fire with fans recently. One fan wrote on Reddit that they were re-watching the Mongolia special when they noticed what looks to be a fake lightning bolt was added in post-production.

One fan responded to this referring to the latest special which came out on Prime Video in September, The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick, where Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May adventured around Norway in rally-inspired cars. They wrote:

“If you like this you’re going to love the flame throwers in the Scandi Flick”

A thread very quickly formed, many fans were in agreement but there were still some that were coming to the shows defence. One fan wrote responded to the Scandi Flick comment, saying:

“that ENTIRE scene (like 10 f***ing minutes) is fake and pre-planned. all the way from giving jeremy a flamable hut, to hammond’s hut ‘accidentally’ going down the slope…. it’s just so much fake s**t these days (obviously james’ crash wasn’t faked)”[sic]

Another fan responded saying:

“Biggest lie of scandi flick is that they never went below arctic circle (they did)” [sic]

Others were picking up on how they feel it has been a bit fake for years going back to when they presented Top Gear, one wrote:

“It’s been fake for a LONG time. Remember the episode when they built cop cars on Top Gear? James’s car explodes, and it shows him charred, sitting in the burnt out husk of the car.”

Going back to the lightning bolt, one fan commented:

“This is the default lightning effect in Premiere Pro lol”

Coming to the shows defence, one fan explained that they are not filming documentaries and that it is just a bit of fun. They wrote:

“I don’t mind the scripted parts. I just watch it with the context given by the show. – even if its pretty obvious.

“It’s not meant to be a documentary or informative show. It’s for entertainment.”

Another defended The Grand Tour by saying they didn’t think they were trying to hide the fact it was a fake lightning bolt, which could just be in the shows humour.

Clarkson, Hammond, and  May have always been asked how much of the show is scripted, as well as the executive producer Andy Wilman. They all claim that the show is loosely planned but then the majority of what ends up in the show is un-scripted.

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