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300 Cars Worth $1 Million – The Craziest Barn Find Yet


Salivation alert for all you pickers out there! The guys over at Ammo NYC are flaunting their access to an all-time legendary collection of “Barn-finds.” The 300 exotic cars, seemingly from every make under the sun, stacked several deep and two tall as far as the eye can see! What could possibly be crazier than this? Two more buildings worth for future videos, that’s what!

According to the video, the unbelievable collection will eventually be put up for sale. Whether it be the Lamborghini LM002, which allegedly belonged to Nicholas Cage, or the several shrouded Rolls-Royces dotted about… one can’t even start to wrap their head around the resale value of this parking garage full of classics.

When a video has both the lines, “Corvettes as far as you can go back there,” and  “that white car there, if you remember Miami Vice,” you know you’re in for a good time. A collection which seems linked only by an enormous chequebook, and the desire to smile, the inclusions of an old Pinto and square body Sevilles (yes, plural) really leave something for everyone to enjoy.

As someone who gets light anxiety at the thought of spring cleaning a single car, I can’t begin to think about restoring this behemoth of a collection. Especially considering the years of dust and how tightly packed in they all are. In times where most of us have only hoarded garages full of toilet paper and Funko pops, let’s be glad someone has kept the true collecting spirit alive.

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