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Trailer: Richard Hammond On ‘Britain’s Beautiful Rivers’

Richard Hammond, the presenter of just about everything at the moment, will soon be hitting Channel 4 with a new series that features the country’s most iconic rivers. Britain’s Beautiful Rivers with Richard Hammond will consist of four episodes, and he’ll visit such rivers as the Severn.

He’ll also be visiting the Test, Clyde and Derwent, as he explores the history of the rivers, as well as the economic and ecological effects of each.

“I’m going to meet those who live and work along it,” Hammond says, “and hear their flowing and moving stories.”

Channel 4 added:

“Richard will get to enjoy the rivers, swimming, rafting and even paddleboarding down the route of the river, meeting the people for whom the river is a key part of their lives, either for travel, commerce, or recreation.”

Watch the trailer, and let us know what you think on YouTube.

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