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BBC Brings Back James May to Put Things Back Together Again

The BBC knows the value of its hosts and they’re doing as much as they can to feature them in programming for as long as they possibly can.

With that being said, BBC 4 will be featuring Mr. James May taking apart and putting back together old household objects such as a train set, 1960’s food mixer and a record player with integrated speakers.

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Get your DVRs ready as they BBC plan to showcase these exciting episodes during the Christmas season.

“In each episode, he will focus on one object and carefully put it back together, screwing every screw, tightening every bolt and vigilantly rebuilding the object to its complete form.” – BBC

You would think this is a colossal failure waiting to happen, but it’s NOT. This is the second time Mr. May will be doing a series of reassembly because the first one actually did pretty well. Those crazy English!

“To be honest, I’d probably be doing this even if no-one was filming it. There’s a lot of false jeopardy in TV, but this is absolutely real; I really do stand there for hours putting things back together.

“The great thing about reassembling bits of the past is that you’re reminded of how terrible it all was. These are warnings from history – ignore them at your peril. It took me all bloody day to get that old record player back together. I celebrated by going out and buying a new tablet, with a massive memory.”

h/t: Telegraph

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