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You Can Buy Clarkson’s Actual Ford GT For $340,000

The Ford GT is a unique car. It’s consistently a surprise to automotive journalists, Clarkson included. When it debuted, most people assumed it would be a barn-door muscle car, a slightly pricier Viper without much tech or cornering prowess to speak of. So it came as a shock when it turned out to be extremely light and ferociously fast, with a slick gearbox and communicative steering, matched with an extremely tasteful retro body and interior. It was so good, in fact, that our man decided to buy one. For about a month.

Clarkson’s GT was the subject of many a hilarious News segment on TopGear, its disastrous reliability becoming a commonly mocked topic, not to mention the myriad delays and price increases during production. The alarm went off constantly when he was either in bed or driving the car, and he’d get a call from Ford saying it had been stolen, when in fact it was sitting in his driveway or being driven at that moment.

But now, you can get in on that astonishing ownership experience, as Clarkson’s GT is now up for sale in the UK for a whopping £265,000 (roughly $340,000), complete with upgraded adjustable suspension and a sportier exhaust. Considering the owner only would have paid in the low-$100,000 range, they’ll be making a tidy profit even though the car has 25,000 miles on the clock, which is a lot for an exotic only twelve years old. But the Ford GT isn’t only a piece of automotive history, it’s a great piece of TopGear history, so we don’t imagine the seller will have trouble unloading it.

Can anyone lend me $340,000?

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