The Grand Tour

Check Out Richard Hammond’s Mint Condition MG Midget

The natural response when seeing someone driving an Americanized MG in Europe is one of confusion and disgust. After all, we Americans have a reputation for taking perfectly lovely European cars and ruining them with legislation about bumper size and ride height and headlight shape and the minimum number of ashtrays, so why on Earth would you willfully buy one with all our junk on it?

The answer: Hammond’s is basically new. It’s only got around 7,800 miles on the clock, and as such, all the leather and buttons and switches are tight as a drum, giving it a brand-new feel according to Hammond. It still drives like a shopping cart full of bricks, according to Hammond, but at least the interior is extremely clean while you’re doing it.

Hammond’s other reason for buying such an arguably inferior car is that it’s a special edition from the very end of the little MG’s run, finished in black on black leather, and that it makes him look very confident in himself to drive such a nasty car.

Now the question remains: can Hammond drive as well as Baby himself from the movie? Probably not, given as he only learned to properly drift a year ago on The Grand Tour. Maybe he’s been taking more lessons in his downtime.

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