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Dodge Challenger Crashes And Takes A Swim In Florida Lagoon

It’s not every day you see a Dodge Challenger emerging from the waters of a lagoon like a Universal monster movie. If it were, then maybe this particular Challenger floating in a Jupiter, Florida inlet yesterday wouldn’t be so wild.

According to one Kozmo Koz on Facebook, the incident happened last weekend when an 80 year-old man drove his sports car up and over the ridge by the parking curb.

He narrowly missed several obstacles, like a handicapped sign, some trees, and a concrete picnic table, before splashing into the serene waters of the inlet below.

Thankfully nobody was hurt, although the airbags went off, and as always someone was embarrassed. At least, one can hope somebody found this embarrassing.

One question this raises, is what an extra-elderly man was doing driving around in a sports car? Normally we hear stories of elderly women thinking they put the car in park before demolishing the exterior of a salon. On the other hand, those women usually don’t have so much muscle in their vehicle.

Now that lockdown is easing in different locales, including Florida, is it possible that we will start to see the Challengers that were speeding… start taking dives at public beaches? I know that’s far fetched, but something has to be said for the hive-mind of Challenger drivers.

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