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Jeremy Clarkson’s Truck Toilet Now Available To Purchase

Every man of class needs his throne, as Jeremy Clarkson has demonstrated numerous times over the years.

Whatever corner of the globe the Grand Tour host has visited over the years, and with every kind of vehicle, Clarkson has gone to extreme lengths to have a peaceful place to… poo.

On no less than four occasions, Clarkson’s expedition vehicles have been modified with toilet seats that (usually) hang off the sides of his rides.

At peak big-brain, his toilets are on the back of the vehicle, protruding from the back of his arctic Toyota Hilux for example, and have a spot for toilet paper.

If you find yourself camping, exploring, or just hanging out in traffic for uncomfortable amounts of time, well then I have some news for you: you can now buy a bumper dumper off of Amazon!

The ingenious contraption expounds upon Clarkson’s invention, by adding a place for a bucket! It costs just under $100, and has mostly 5-star reviews.

Now, it may not be officially supported by Clarkson, but since the guys now work at Amazon… it’s not exactly not supported by them.

Speaking of supporting them, the bumper dumper supports 500 lbs, which theoretically would mean all three hosts could use it at one, from an engineering perspective.

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