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Dog Of Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Hit By Bike: “Literally The Worst Thing Ever”

Emily, daughter of The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson, has posted to Instagram revealing that her dog was hit by a cyclist while they were on a walk in London. She said how her “heart is not OK” after worrying about the dog she adores.

Emily shared a photo of her black labradoodle on Instagram with the following caption:

“This little biscuit got hit by a bike in the park this morning, both she and the cyclist are fine thank god, just shaken.”

To calm her dog’s nerves, she took her to a local cafe to buy her a cappuccino specially made for dogs.

“Bought her a puppacino to make her feel better.

“Have made a mistake tbf… if she thinks it’ll get her more puppacinos she’ll be hit by bikes more often. (Sic)

Seeing her afterwards all shaken and crying was literally the worst thing ever, my actual heart is not OK with how much I adore her.”

Emily is often sharing intimate posts like this with her devoted followers, with her main aim on the social site to promote body positivity.

Only a couple of weeks ago she walked almost nude on a catwalk with a number of other women. Painted in a host of different colours – orange, pink, white, her body was on full display with artist Sophie Tea pushing to promote a healthy body image for women of all shapes and sizes.

Emily said:

“I hope everyone who watched the show was able to see themselves represented.”

“I f*****g hated my body. All of it, and for years I was at war with myself,” Emily wrote.

“And beautifully, mercifully, from the moment the brush hit my skin; it ceased to be about me at all. There was no room for my insecurities, because every inch of that room was full to the brim of female empowerment, the scale of which I’ve never seen before.”

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  1. So wonderful to see a REAL woman, not a starved stick figure! I hope this display of reality catches fire!!!

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