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Did You Enjoy That Lancia vs Audi Segment? Here Are Five More To Watch

Viewers all over fell in love with the most recent episode’s history film looking into the rivalry between Lancia and Audi. Credit where credit is due; it was absolutely a beautifully made film and showcased Jeremy Clarkson at his very best.

But let’s not forget that this is not the first time a mini-doc of this caliber has been presented by the boys. They have had a long history of tossing in a few of these short history lessons throughout the entirety of Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

If you liked the most recent one, here are five more to check out:

Ferrari vs Ford GT

The Grand Tour, Season 1, Episode 6

James May takes us to the 1960s to recount the bitter rivalry between Ferrari and Ford at the battlefield of Le Mans that led to the creation of one of the most iconic cars ever made: The Ford GT40.

History Of Saab

Top Gear, Series 18, Episode 5

Only the boys can make a film that is genuinely interesting about a carmaker like Saab.

Aryton Senna Tribute

Top Gear, Series 15, Episode 5

An incredibly informative and touching tribute to the legend, Ayrton Senna, on what would have been his 50th birthday.

History of Lancia

Top Gear, Series 14, Episode 3

Honestly, there is almost nothing better than the look on Jeremy and Hammond’s face when they were jetting around in a Stratos. I wasn’t super familiar with Lancia outside of the Stratos, but this film opened up a need to research as much as I could about this amazing brand.

History of BTCC

Top Gear, Series 12, Episode 7

If you ever wanted to find out what the big deal was with British touring car racing, then look no further than this episode. Hammond takes us through a comprehensive look at what makes the BTCC so appealing for 50 years.

Let us know some of your favorites below!


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