The Grand Tour

Here’s The Grand Tour S2E8’s Official Trailer

The trailer for The Grand Tour’s eight episode has finally dropped, and strangely, this week’s show seems to be…all about cars.

Clarkson and Hammond take to the streets in France in two brand-new versions of two very old cars–Clarkson taking the Aston Martin DB4 GT (whose looks I’ve always personally preferred over the more famous DB5) and Hammond the Jaguar XKSS. That is, until May arrives in a small red Honda which he insists is better. Clarkson also takes to the track in the Ford GT, which we’ve previously only seen him use in Manhattan traffic, and Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason faces off against The Police’s Stewart Copeland in Celebrity Face-Off.

The new episode drops tomorrow around 5 in the US, or early Friday morning in Europe–stay tuned for our complete recap and review!

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