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Everything You Need To Know: The Grand Tour Season 4 Seamen + Trailer + Release Dates

It’s official, The Grand Tour will return for, at minimum, another two seasons. Both season 4 and season 5 have both been confirmed, and that’s got all fans of Clarkson, Hammond and May very excited – and that includes us!

But these next seasons will have some major changes, which we’ll cover on this page. Let’s get into it.

The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen

The first feature film of Season 4 is planned to be released on December 13th. Usually it airs a little earlier the day before, around 11pm the day before UK time.

After the news of James May almost being killed in Vietnam due to extreme weather, we knew the trio were filming around this area. But in this trailer they ditch the cars and head out onto the (kind of) open waters where they attempt to cross the Mekong River Delta without any issues. As you can guess, this doesn’t go to plan as Clarkson fails to steer his boat, James heads into reeds, and Hammond… well, we’re lucky if we don’t see him capsize his craft.

Reports from Hammond have let on that he contracted a severe infection while working in the water for this episode. He was administered antibiotics, but could still suffering from its effects while filming.

This first episode will run for about an hour and three quarters, according to Andy Wilman, although Amazon has the last say. It could be cut further, but Wilman is hesitant to do this.

Special Feature 2

Little is known about this second episode, although we followed the trio as they tweeted about being stuck on a tropical island we identified as being Reuinion Island. We’re not sure if filming occurred here, but they later travelled further to Cambodia where Jeremy, Richard and James encountered the effects of global warming.

Because of this, Jeremy admitted that climate change was a real thing, to much our surprise, although he isn’t a fan of young climate change activist Greta Thunberg, who he has branded an ‘idiot’.

We’re yet to here more regarding episode 2, although it should be released later on during 2020.

The Grand Tour Season 4

Where Can You Watch Season 4?

As always, it will only be available on Amazon Prime Video. Sign up here for 30 days free trial.

Can You Get Tickets?

Where tickets were available for each of the previous seasons for no charge, Season 4 isn’t going to have as much audience interaction. It’s a possibility that an audience may be required for certain parts of the season but this is as of yet unconfirmed.

Changes Coming To Season 4

Has The Tent Gone?

Yes, there is no more tent. Unlike Season 1, for Season 2 and 3, the tent stayed in only one place – Great Tew, England. This was funnily enough right next to Clarkson’s house, and meant the team didn’t have to waste time and money setting up the tent for each episode.

Season 4 will see the removal of the tent section of the program entirely. Instead, the trio will focus only on special episodes without an audience.

No More News Section?

Taking a guess, we’d have to say no. The news has been a loved part of the show since Top Gear, and while it wasn’t so revered as it used to be, it was still a favourite part of The Grand Tour. Unfortunately, we can’t see how the news would remain without a tent/studio and an audience to bounce off.

While it could still have a place on the road, we highly doubt that the news will be making a comeback.

Will There Be Celebrities?

Let’s face it, this was none’s favourite part. While yes, celebrities could join them on their travels, it’s highly unlikely. We’re watching to see the chemistry between Clarkson, Hammond and May after all, not other celebrities.

Where Is Season 4 Filmed?

jeremy clarkson season 4 ending

As already explained, The Grand Tour is only going to be a collection of special episodes filmed across the globe. So far, the trio have begun filming in Cambodia and have been seen in the city Siem Reap. Episode 1, Seamen, takes place in Vietnam and the surrounding areas.

Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed that they will be visiting Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.

Did James May Nearly Die?

During filming, James May was caught in a catastrophic monsoon on the sea close to Cambodia and Vietnam. They had to abandon ship but were thankfully not harmed. Horribly, four people died ‘merely inches away’.

This has caused an incredibly dramatic ending for one of the episodes, which Clarkson explained in a Q&A.

Richard Hammond Suffered From Major Infection

Video: Richard Hammond Talks About The Time He Almost Killed James May

Richard Hammond contracted bacterial skin infection cellulitis, while filming in the water.

He told BANG Showbiz: 

“It bloody hurts. It’s one of those on the list of c**p conditions I’ve had.

“I got it from climbing into the water and then I realised my legs were hurting. My feet were very red and it went through my legs.”

“You could literally see it tracking up my leg,” he told them further. “I’m at a disadvantage because it’s a much shorter journey to my vital organs. That would have been a really c**** way to go.”

Medics on the scene had to dose him up with a large amount of antibiotics to prevent the infection from going further, but this didn’t stop the initial effects.

“My feet hurt and I had to walk like an old lady, so the other two took the p**s non-stop.”v

This page will be updated as more information is released.

What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Why are all the episodes filmed in SE Asia? I’m guessing the cost of housing, feeding and filming is much cheaper than…say E.U. or USA. My 2 cents.

  2. I cannot wait for Season 4.
    I started to watch Top Gear early in the ’90 and remember I got my mom to record the episodes when I was away sailing as deck officer so I could watch them when I came home on holiday.
    Grate stories and even better humor 🙂

  3. I can’t wait. I’m happy they ditched the tent. The Specials have always been my favourite. Bring on season 4 😋

  4. I am very pleased to know the guts will be back, only show on tv worth watching. Also good news that James May is alive and well, was it a case of slow being best in this situation. Looking forward to seeing them all asap.

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