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We Found the Reason Why Richard Hammond Married His Soul Mate

Not many of you may know, but the Hamster’s wife, Mindy Hammond, is a pretty accomplished individual in her own right. She is currently a columnist for the Daily Express in the UK and she comes out with frequent articles on home life, which is an area of expertise as she takes care of the Hammond girls and her household while Richard is traveling the world on some sort of Grand Tour.

Richard and Mindy married in 2002 and have two beautiful daughters in their small castle in Herefordshire. They have survived floods and most famously, the crash of 2006, where Richard almost died trying to become the fastest man in the UK. Here is there first interview together after the crash:

Well, we all know how much Hammond loves his girls and we all know the love for American cars can probably comes close to that, especially with the recent episode where Hammond rips up the Italian roads with the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Now, what you probably didn’t know was that Mindy Hammond apparently shares the same love for American muscle, most notably a particular white Ford Mustang convertible with black Shelby stripes down the middle. It looks like Richard decided to make her wish come true with a truly fabulous Christmas gift this year:

The sound of my new baby could be heard grumbling down the ramp and then, bathed in bright December sunshine, her striped snub nose peered through the front gates.  

My car was here. And it was really, truly and absolutely mine.

I fell in love so long ago and although there were many suggested alternatives, I held fast. If I were to have my own, personal vehicle it needed to have four seats, otherwise it simply wouldn’t be practical. But it also had to be special.” – Mindy Hammond, Daily Express

Many may think that Mindy is the lucky one here with a brand new car as a Christmas gift, but I would argue that Richard Hammond is the lucky man here with a wife that has such similar tastes in cars, such a excitement for life and an amazing obvious love and devotion for her family.

Full Article: Mindy Hammond at Daily Express

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