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Giant Richard Hammond Head Found In Welsh Front Garden

Richard Hammond is at home in Wales, well, his head is anyway. Over the weekend, the famous giant sculpture, which was used along with likenesses of his co-hosts, to promote The Grand Tour, was delivered to a front garden in Wales. More specifically, it was planted in Newport, South Wales, which is less than 40 miles from where the real Hammond has a home in Weston under Penyard.

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The statue has come home in another way as well.  All of the heads were built by a company called Wild Creations, which is headquartered in South Wales. This company has been responsible for all sorts of other amazing promotional pieces from big name movies, like Jurassic Park, to sporting events, like the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Brothers Tom Wells, 18 and Joe MacIntosh, 17, entered the competition to win one of the presenters giant heads via Twitter. As with James May’s head, they needed to be citizens of the UK and submit a picture of their garden to ensure it was big enough for the massive sculpture. Apparently, it arrived on a truck that also still held Jeremy’s head, which was on its way north to be bestowed upon another lucky winner.

“I entered the competition using my Twitter account. Joe sent me the link and I thought it was quite a funny idea. We entered as a joke and then a week later, I got a private message on Twitter and we had won,” said Tom Wells.

They will be able to keep it for a minimum of two weeks and during that time, the family has big plans for it. They have told news outlets that people are welcome to come and take photos with the head, and are encouraged to leave a donation. All of the money they collect will go to the Wales Air Ambulance Charitable Trust. Which is a very fitting charity to fund, as an air ambulance was credited with saving Richard Hammond’s life.

Back in September of 2006, while filming an episode for Top Gear, Hammond was in a terrible crash. He was driving a jet-powered car called the Vampire Dragster, which was capable of reaching speeds of up to 370 mph. On what was reportedly the final run of the day, he experienced a tire blowout. When the car overturned and eventually dug into the ground, he was still traveling at 232 mph. He was diagnosed with significant brain damage, something which he struggled to recover from.

The family reportedly hopes that Hammond would be pleased to know about their donation collection and hope to raise even more in the future. Wells said he hopes that the boys will come and visit during Christmas to help in their efforts. Even if you can’t make it all the way to Wales for a selfie, you can still donate to their cause by visiting their Just Giving site.

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