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Toyota And Subaru To Bring Back The MR2 With 300BHP

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Bringing back legendary Japanese motorcars has been a popular task for manufacturers such as Nissan, Honda, and Toyota recently. The Skyline is back in the form of the GT-R, the NSX has also been revived but in hybrid form, and even the Supra is reincarnated, albeit with a BMW powertrain. Well, almost. It seems to be in a constant state of limbo – neither here nor there – but we’re just about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel these days.

The GT86, well that’s a new model which looks lovingly back at the AE86 and the Celica – Toyota and Subaru did a very good job on that one and are now rightly reaping the rewards. But they have another idea tucked up their sleeves which could very well come to fruition soon.

– W20 Mk2 MR2

They’re reportedly bringing back the MR2: a mid-engined, averagely priced sports car that was known for its snap-oversteer and supercar-like looks. I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit excited.

So this is all what I like to call ‘educated speculation’, but with the GT86 being given a 2.4-litre for its next update (supposedly), this leaves room for a car with a smaller engine and a hybrid powertrain to swoop in and reap the low-emission benefits. The 1.6 turbo from the Levorg fits this rather nicely. And with a couple of motors, could easily reach the 300bhp mark.

– W30 Mk3 MR2

Add in the mid-engined S-FR Concept that Toyota is working on and the mid-engined car that Subaru is currently developing, if you believe the grapevine, and the next MR2 doesn’t feel at such a distance. If you believe the Japanese outlet, Response, then it could be here as soon as 2021. What a way to start the decade! Just please keep it affordable and light, just like its predecessors.

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