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Grand Tour Host James May Plans Fight During Hilarious Twitter Confrontation

Usually, this kind of thing happens to Jeremy Clarkson, but it’s James May who has been seen on Twitter to be starting a fight this time. Of course, this isn’t quite as it seems, with the heated and simply hilarious Twitter debate beginning with a controversial tweet from The Grand Tour presenter.

“Remarkably, I’d never seen Notting Hill; but tonight, I finally watched it. It’s b*****ks, isn’t it?” May posts.

Mike Fernie, an employed content creator from DriveTribe who is often featured on the company’s YouTube channel, replied with haste:

“How dare you,” he replied.

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May quickly replied, simply with, “fight”, with Fernie replying to that with, “deal”.

At this point, May’s respect for the duel creeps in as he admits that Fernie must choose the preferred weaponry.

The fighting talk takes a fairly odd and reserved turn with Mike choosing any tool from their “Airfix building stations”. This is the kind of fight we at GTN appreciate!

May agreed, stating the weapon he will be using for this duel of fates. Cue the Star Wars soundtrack music.

May’s threat fell to an equally hazardous threat from Fernie:

Things have got real, people. Choose your side, and let the duel come to a respectful conclusion. Paintbrushes at dawn!

But before that, here are May and Fernie working on a model train together. Ahh… simpler times.

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