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Outside Firm Was Called In To Help With Grand Tour Stunt

In the 9th episode of The Grand Tour, Jeremy unveiled his method of providing thrust for their amphibious vehicle by using a jet engine. To show James and Richard the power of the jet engine, Jeremy held a demonstration at a local airfield, destroying a bunch of planes in the process.

Evidently, neither the boys nor the crew of The Grand Tour could be trusted with safely anchoring the turbine, so an outside firm was called in to help. Spirafix Limited, based out of Rogerstone, came to the rescue.

In order for the turbine to remain safely anchored, the crew needed 12 tonnes of force to counter the turbine’s 6 tonnes of thrust. To do so, Spirafix used the biggest anchors currently in production to make sure the turbine didn’t go flying off mid-shoot.

Six 75mm anchors and twelve 40mm anchors were attached using a combination of ratchet straps and brackets, and judging by the finished footage in the episode, all went well. The operations director and joint owner of Spirafix, Paul Clatworthy, says:

“It was a top-secret project that was, as you’d expect, a lot of fun but with a very serious health and safety brief.

It all looks like chaos when you watch the programmes and the Grand Tour team are really entertaining – but we had a pretty serious job to do. Once again our unique ground anchors proved their capabilities.”


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