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The Grand Tour Rockets The Hothouse Flowers Up The iTunes Charts

It looks like the massive success of The Grand Tour isn’t only working out well for Amazon and the boys. With such a big show and so many people involved, the success is sure to have long reaching effects on everyone involved.

One such case is that of The Hothouse Flowers. If you don’t recall, they are the band that was hand picked to play the introduction music for the grand premiere episode of The Grand Tour with their version of ” I Can See Clearly Now”


The Hothouse Flowers originally released the title track for Episode 1 of The Grand Tour sixteen years ago, but the shows huge success has resulted in the song shooting to the top of the iTunes music charts.

The song was the perfect addition to the show. It really set the tone for the Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May reuniting to bring us the much-anticipated show we had been missing for over a year.

It probably didn’t hurt that in addition to the band there was a horde of amazing vehicles, fighter jets, and a massive crowd, but nonetheless, the musical choice was an excellent one. We would love to see more intros and music like this in future episodes of The Grand Tour, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Source: Irish Examiner

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