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Michael Schumacher Charged With Fraud As Indian Police Investigate Criminal Conspiracy

Both the tennis star Maria Sharapova and legendary Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher, along with 11 others, have been accused of criminal conspiracy after an Indian woman complained that an apartment she booked in a project by the group was never finished.

They have been charged with fraud and criminal conspiracy by local police after the order was given by an Indian court.

A resident of Dehli, Shafali Agarwal, has claimed that she booked an apartment in a housing project that Schumacher was involved with, but it was never finished. The project was in the Indian city of Gurugram, formerly called Gurgaon, and also featured another tower named after the 7-time world champion.

She is now complaining that the project was never completed, and the police have now confirmed that the investigation is ongoing after she filed a complaint against the project’s realtors M/S Realtech Development and Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, as well as a number of other real-estate developers. Sharapova and Schumacher were also included in the fraud filing which defrauded her of Rs 8m (£80,000).

She said she’d “reached out to the company management after [seeing] pictures of the project and a lot of false promises were made”.

She told the police that Sharapova and Schumacher promoted the project, and Sharapova herself had visited the area while promising to open a tennis academy and store.

“It was mentioned in the brochure that she is promoting the project, and she also made false promises, had dinner parties with the buyers, and all this was done for the project, which never took off,” Ms Agarwal wrote in her complaint which was then sourced by local Indian media outlets.

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