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The Grand Tour vs Top Gear Needs To Stop: They’re Both Awesome Shows

You know what’s one of the most annoying things in the world? A blind fanboy/girl. There are very few things more annoying than that person that insists on one thing over another, but has no actual facts to argue why something is superior or worse. There are so many problems today that wouldn’t be if people would just stop blindly accepting and defending something to the death.

Which brings me to The Grand Tour and Top Gear. When Series 23 of Top Gear debuted and Chris Evans started yelling at us through our screens, it was pretty bad. After Evans left and the show stuck with LeBlanc, Harris, and Reid, things started to gel a bit better, and come Series 25, the trio is effectively working as a pretty entertaining group.

The point is, there’s no actual factual evidence that one show is better than the other, so why not enjoy both? There’s plenty of room on TV for both shows; it’s not like they even air at the same time or the same broadcasting format.

A quick look at social media shows that I am not the only one that feels this way:

#TopGear I like new Top Gear. There I said. I also like the #TheGrandTour. Luckily I can have both.

Twitters ranting #TopGear isn’t the same anymore! Isn’t it about time people get over it it’s been like 3 years. Can one not like both?

The argument that Top Gear is rubbish now without Clarkson, Hammond and May is an outdated and simply wrong one. Grand Tour is great and Top Gear is great too. Can one enjoy both?

Loved the V8 tribute on #TopGear this evening. Room for both #TheGrandTour and this. #moreofthesame please BBC – cracking programme!

So let’s enjoy both, yeah?


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