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An Episode Of The Grand Tour Season 2 Is Going To Be Completely Unscripted

Seemingly to make up for leaving the tent in one place (right next to his house) for the season 2 of The Grand TourJeremy Clarkson revealed in an interview today among other things that in season 2, the presenters have flown to even more places around the world than the first season–Clarkson even called Heathrow’s Terminal 5 his new home, which is fitting, seeing that Hammond and May blew up his last one.

“We are keeping the tent in the second series in the same place, conveniently and completely coincidentally, right at the bottom of my garden! Everyone is saying ‘so it is not a grand tour anymore’ but it is… in the last few months we have been to Mozambique, Spain, France twice, Italy, Canada twice, New York, Colorado and I can keep going on and on and on. I mean (Heathrow) Terminal 5 is my new home – flying endlessly in and out of Heathrow to go and make the show – it was a huge amount of touring, a massive amount.”

He also revealed a fun nugget about the new series–a film in Croatia, the home of Hammond’s Rimac, which was apparently completely unscripted. They had no idea what they were going to do, but it reportedly turned out well:

“Anyway, we thought we would try and do a film where nothing is planned in Croatia and that was actually quite funny – everything goes wrong as you can imagine. In general, though, most of it is carefully thought out and planned as to what we are going to do. I mean some things go wrong but sometimes they don’t and that is just the way the world works out. But yes, Croatia was the most interesting film because we simply did not know what was going to happen every day. We did not know where we were going to go.”

When asked about the best car he drove in season 2, his answer was a mixed bag because it was coincidentally his least favorite as well.

“The car I hated most of all is the car I liked most of all which is an Aston Martin DB4 GT. This was a car they made in 1959 to about 1964, they stopped making it and then recently they started making it again using exactly the same materials as they did, with slightly overrated brakes and so on and it was an unbelievably exciting car to drive, beyond belief exciting. You look at it and call it a James Bond Aston basically but it was a rather special version of the car that Bond drove, an updated version.”

“So it was fabulous except it was very hot down there, it had no air conditioning because of course, it was from the early 60s. The windows did not wind down, the heat of the engine coming in was brutal and you couldn’t not double declutch, you couldn’t not do heel and toe shifting so you had to drive like they drove in those days. The gearbox was fantastically difficult. So it was an awful thing and a wonderful thing all at the same time but I properly loved that car, really loved it.”

So, there’s quite a few things to be excited for in the new season, especially that deliberately un-scripted episode. The only mystery that really remains is the identity of the new driver, whom May confirmed to be a woman but gave no other details. We’ll find out on the 8th.

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