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The Grand Tour YouTube Channel: Why You Should Subscribe

The very simple answer to the title of this post is just…because you should, but I kind of like being a little more in depth about things so I am going to give you my reasoning, other than ‘you should’, as to why you should go to YouTube and subscribe to The Grand Tour’s page.

With a current subscriber list of 426,993 people it’s pretty safe to say that The Grand Tour crew has a large crowd with hungry appetites for content. Well The Grand Tour does a fantastic job at satisfying our hunger by posting little clips here and there of all sorts of different things. What kind of things? There is plenty of clips from the show it’s self, little “quick reviews” I guess you can say. But my absolute favorite uploads are the behind the scenes clips that we don’t get to see via the show.

For example, this clip here of Richard and James having a chat about aeroplanes.

Or this small clip of Jeremy talking about a Rum they discovered while in Barbados.

Those are just two small examples of what you can expect to see from their channel. Among these are quick clips from the show, trailers for up coming episodes and more behind the scenes clips. In total as of right now there are 81 video clips, so there is plenty to watch, comment on, share and love on there.

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There you have it, my reasoning as to why as soon as you’re done reading this, you should head over to The Grand Tour‘s YouTube channel and click the subscribe button and have a grand ‘ol time watching short clips to fulfill your ‘The Grand Tour’ cravings.

Also stay tuned here at Grand Tour Nation for all the updates about The Grand Tour and tons of automotive related content! Ciao!

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