The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour’s S2E4 Trailer Is Here, And Unscripted

Everybody, including me, complains pretty much ceaselessly about how scripted The Grand Tour is. The same complaints arose during the latter seasons of TopGear, as the stunts and road trips got so dramatic and overblown that humor didn’t organically occur.

To address these complaints, the fourth episode of season 2 will have a film set in Croatia between the Ariel Atom and Audi TT which, according to the presenters, is completely unscripted. Everything happens by itself. Of course, I have a sneaking suspicion that it’ll be the most obviously scripted segment in the show’s history just to stick it in everyone’s face, but here’s hoping I’m wrong.

The rest of the trailer above shows a couple other films–James appears to be turning a Lada into a fire truck, for reasons unbeknownst to me and the rest of mankind, as well as Richard doing his first Eboladrome power test of the series in the McLaren 720S. We also see Abbie take it around the track after an absence last week, where it’s got a real chance of taking the top spot.

Episode 4, as always will drop on Thursday night in the US or early Friday morning in Europe. Stay tuned for our episode recap as soon as it airs!

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