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What Happened To The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick Cars? Their Future Revealed

The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick was released last week to Prime Video. Since then, many fans have been asking what has happened to Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond’s cars that they drove in the episode.

May drove, and crashed, the Mitsubishi Evo 8, Hammond had a Subaru Impreza and Clarkson chose an Audi RS4 B7.

Taking to The Grand Tour’s YouTube channel, Hammond and May took another look around the cars and discussed what has happened to them since filming and what are the plans for them in the future.

The former Top Gear hosts revealed that Hammond has decided to keep the Subaru Impreza and plans to do some work to it.

“I am actually [going to keep it]. I love it.

“I’ve always loved these, but it’s a bit like, the only car that I can think of that does it is the Porsche Boxter, you see them around think it’s a Porsche Boxster. It’s nothing, any generation. And then you get in it and you drive it and you think, ‘Oh my God, this thing is absolutely amazing.’

“And it’s the same with this. I thought, I know what Subarus are like and how it feels, then as soon as I got in it, I was like ‘Ohhhh’.”

After comparing the Subaru and Mitsubishi for a while, and Hammond and May debating over which car was more stripped back and about the driving and which was had more technology, they moved onto the touchy subject of how May managed to wreck the Evo. Hammond asked just how ruined is it, to which May responded:

“Well, it still goes. Which is the point. Let’s be honest, I did a more thorough test. The point about a rally car, in use on a rally, is that they get crashed about all the time. And they are out in the field so it is ‘bush mechanics’. They are beaten back into shape with rubber mallets and crowbars and they continue. And I proved that the Evo can sustain that sort of punishment. You [Hammond] didn’t do that and neither did he [Clarkson].

“As a motoring journalist, I did a proper test of this car.”

Hammond went on to ask May what he was going to do with the Evo and if he was going to keep it. May explained:

“No. I don’t know if we can admit this. It is actually a write off, in road use terms, because it’s bent.

“Because in the garage, they had to put a hydraulic jack in to push the engine that way about three inches.”

Excitedly bringing conversation back to his Impreza, Hammond elaborated on his earlier point about keeping the rally car:

“I am keeping this and I think I am going to re-work it and turn it into an absolute monster.”

“I’m going to see if I can get massive horsepower out of it and make it a bit angry”

For the whole of the duration of the video, they joked that Jeremy Clarkson had been locked in the boot of his Audi RS4 as it is ‘not a real rally car’. Going on to talk about it, describing it as an ‘executive business car’, Hammond and May said:

“Just because it has the word ‘Quattro’ on it, doesn’t make it a Quattro.

“You could write space shuttle on it and it doesn’t make it one of those either.

“It merely means it has a four wheel drive system. It is not a rally car.”

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