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How Do You Watch The Grand Tour Online?

The Grand Tour PR team has confirmed that the next episode, the Madagascar Special, will be coming later this year, starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May behind the wheel of three modified cars. This is how you watch the episode online.

The episode will begin on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean with a Ford Focus RS, Caterham Seven, and Bentley Continental GT. Eventually, the trio finds themselves in Madagascar with these three cars highly modified for off-road use. The rumour is that they’re chasing lost pirate treasure, but to see for yourselves, you’re going to have to get on the web.

Where Do I Watch It?

This singular episode will be aired on Amazon Prime Video, the sole provider of the ex-Top Gear presenters since their split from the BBC. Currently, the price of Amazon Prime is £7.99 per month or £79 a year. In America, it’s priced at $119 a year or $12.99 a month. Amazon Prime also includes free next-day delivery on Prime products, as well as a host of other episodes and movies such as Knives Out and The Avengers.

What Is The Madagascar Special Release Date?

While IMDB published a release date of the 4th September, obviously this isn’t true. Before that date, we were able to confirm with The Grand Tour’s PR team that IMDB made a mistake and later pulled the release date from its site. We were also able to confirm that while they haven’t yet confirmed a release date in stone, it will be released before the end of this year. It’s a possibility that the Madagascar Special could be released over the Christmas holiday as a Christmas special, but we cannot confirm that.

What Devices Can I Watch The Grand Tour On?

The Grand Tour is available on any device that can support the Amazon Prime Video app. This includes Smart TVs, iOS Apple products such as the IPhone and IPad, Android phones and tablets, and a host of games consoles including the Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, and Wii U. You can also access the app by using Roku, Amazon Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick. It’s also available through the Amazon website online.

What’s Next? The Grand Tour Goes To Scotland

The Grand Tour trio has recently been spotted in Scotland, where they’re busy filming the next episode. They were spotted behind the wheels of three American cars which were initially towing caravans, but a few days later were seen modified for a rumoured drag race.

The Grand Tour team spent 9 days in Scotland as they traveled from Edinburgh to the Hebrides, and have no returned home to rumours of them breaching Covid regulations after having an after-party in a hotel. There was however no evidence to prove this, and the hotel released a statement arguing that the rumours are false.

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