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EV Fiat 126 Render Makes Us Actually Want An All-Electric Future

I think we all realise now that electric cars are the future, especially the small ones. But for us to really embrace an all-electric future, I’m sure many of us will appreciate if carmakers still harked back to the good ol’ days in at least some ways. This EV Fiat 126 render designed by Italian design studio MA-DE is exactly what I mean.

This cute little render tugs at the same heartstrings as the Honda e with its obviously retro-inspired aesthetics mixed with modern tech and design cues. LEDs at the front of the car mirror the original shape of the headlights, and with the old car being rear-engined, the grill-less front of the render doesn’t strike as anything other than ordinary.

Unfortunately, however much we love this design and wish Fiat was hinting at a very stylish future, this has nothing to do with the marque and is only a render. But we can’t ignore the fact that the original 126 was a very popular car, with over 4 million being built in total for Italy and Poland. Maybe then, it may be wise for Fiat to be inspired by this idea, and continue the 126’s legacy as a high volume, small, and cheap car for the masses.

Honda e sales have been slowly growing with 263 units sold in August according to Car Sales Base, but at a price of around £30,000, it’s still very expensive for the wide market. The average price of a new small car in the UK, according to Nimblefins, is just £15,000, so if Fiat can bring the price point closer to what people expect to pay, then the future for a potential 126, and therefore the future of EVs, would be sold.

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