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How Jalopnik spent their 6 Minutes with Jeremy Clarkson and James May

Yesterday, the boys released columns in The Sunday Times Magazine and we picked out the best parts. Today, Jalopnik released it’s video interview with Jeremy Clarkson and James May (Hammond was hungover, er, dehydrated) that the recorded a few days after the taping in California.

If you haven’t seen the video, here it is, but if you read faster than you watch videos, we have a synopsis or what was talked about below:

Do you guys read Jalopnik?

Jeremy Clarkson says he actually does and enjoys it quite a bit.

What’s new on The Grand Tour as opposed to Top Gear?

As asked by the LA Times and Adam Carolla, there’s nothing really new because they can’t change who they are.

How do you come up with episodes?

Jeremy Clarkson breaks it down pretty easily. Come up with something you’d like to drive and then a country you’d like to visit. Examples that he would use would be his family holiday in Vietnam and someone in Botswana telling him that no one has ever driven across the desert. Yesterday’s column explained they are going to explore the phenomenons of “preppers,” which I naturally assume is the episode in Nashville.

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Have you become Americanized?

James May gave a face like he was about to stab someone and gave this remark, “We haven’t been corrupted by Americanisms!”

Jeremy Clarkson answers the question about why they call it petrol and it was pretty simple – “Because Gas is a gas. What you put in the tank is a liquid.”

Why have millennials lost interest in cars?

Jeremy Clarkson blames it on a Hummer H2 he saw earlier on his trip.

Has it been weird watching Top Gear?

Jeremy Clarkson: “People watch. People judge.”

Coffee or Tea?

James May – Tea

Jeremy Clarkson – “Proper coffee. Italian coffee. Not one gram of coffee in a bath of liquid water and serve.”

This is probably the part where I actually envisioned a Grumpy Old Men Part 3.

Fart Jokes?

Jeremy Clarkson hates fart jokes and May says the British love fart jokes.

Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?


Who will be the next President of the United States?

Jeremy Clarkson is pretty much saying what the world is thinking: “I believe it’s going to be Hillary……… I’m just started that you have 300 million people……….Those are the best two?”

What’s your advice for aspiring journalists?

With their auto journalism backgrounds and Hammond’s radio background, it makes sense that Clarkson and May are the best two to ask for aspiring journalists. The two say that they agonize for weeks about the words that go into each show and how television is actually just writing.

“Just worry about the words. Just make the words good.”

On that bombshell, I hope they don’t read this post. It’s just a summary and obviously it’s a better experience hearing the two speak in the video as opposed to reading this rubbish.

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