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James May Angers Fans With Brexit Snub: “I Didn’t Vote For That Bollox”

After releasing a ‘Navy strength’ gin from his new gin company, James Gin, James May has slammed the government and the public’s choice to vote Brexit as he apologises to European fans for not being able to deliver within the continent.

The Grand Tour presenter has noticeably been growing his career outside of the Amazon Prime car show and away from Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond as he’s not only invested in a pub, but also started his own gin company, James Gin.

With already one product being sold, Asian Parsnip gin, the presenter has created another by upping the alcohol content. This – we can confirm – is delicious, and really brings out the flavours of the original gin. But some bad news accompanied its release.

Unfortunately, the gin is currently only available in the UK. The original is available to the UK and the US, but neither products can be shipped to the EU right now.

May told his 3.1 million Twitter fans that it was “not his fault”, as he slammed the government.:

“Europeans: we are working hard to bring you JamesGin, but recent political events have made it more complicated than it should be. I didn’t vote for that bollox so it’s not my fault. Stand by.”

One Twitter user responded with hostility to the slam: “F*** off,” they wrote.

“Gladly,” May replied.

“James May: Remoaner Confirmed,” another added, with another joining in: “No you didn’t but democracy did. So don’t blame Brexit for your failure to do whatever was needed in time to sell your gin to EU countries. You had two years to sort it out.”

A fourth also gave their two pence:

“Stop Brexit everyone. A wealthy person wants to make even more money! You would think with what is going on in Ukraine people would stop moaning about first world problems.”

There were many that joined James in the sentiment, however:

“It isn’t b*****ks James… Don’t go down that route,” one fan agreed.

James has revealed that the new gin will be available tot hose in the US, but this is currently not being shown on the website.

Review of the gin is coming soon.

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