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James May Brings Back ‘The Reassembler’… Kinda

James May has returned to our screens via the greatness that is YouTube, and in his latest 30 minute video, he’s brought back The ReassemblerWell, not quite.

In the DriveTribe video, he has taken it upon himself to repair and rebuild his colleague’s Hornby train that’s been broken for years and left to sit untampered with. For some reason, they can hear the motor trying to work, but the train isn’t moving under power and smells of electricity when they pass a current through the motor.

James explains that he often does this in his spare time, and helps friends out who bring him broken  Hornby sets. He’s even got a toolbox for this very task. He explains how he’s not overly bothered about creating a track – he doesn’t want to go into town planning – but he’s very interested in the workings of the trains and diagnosing their many issues.

In this half an hour video, you’ll be transported back to the good ol’ days where James would stand and slowly reassemble a piece of technology. Be it a guitar or a food mixer, he’d have the exploded diagram and with a bit of rambling here and there, he’d build the piece from the ground up.

So, if you have some time to spare, sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy James (The Reassembler) May take apart an old train. Part 2 will surely be coming soon, so make sure you return to catch it!

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