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James May Confirms Future Of The Grand Tour: “Might Be Quite Soon”

The Grand Tour hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have said they will keep going with the Prime Video series until “one of them dies”.

We first saw the trio on Top Gear in the early 2000s and have been fan favourites ever since. They made the move to Prime Video as a three when Clarkson had a run in with a BBC producer.

May has explained that they don’t plan on slowing down. He said in an interview with The Mirror:

“[Driving around on TV] isn’t particularly arduous. There are bigger problems in the world. There are far bigger problems in the world. I think we’ll probably keep doing it until one of us just dies.”

May went did add, jokingly, that that could come “quite soon” for Clarkson:

“Which might be quite soon, when you look at the three of us – Jeremy especially, but I don’t think the actual nature of the filming will stop us.

“I know someone who’s in the 90s still driving around in the car quite happily and that’s what we do, so I think we’ll be able to just keep going until somebody tells us to stop because they’ve had enough of us.”

Hammond was quick to agree with May, who said:

“I’d never want to not do it. Because that’d be rude to fail to appreciate how bloody lucky I’ve been to get to do all that.”

We will next see the trio on our screens in the upcoming special, The Grand Tour: A Scandi Flick, where they travel around Norway in rally cars. There has already been a lot of attention on the episode, especially with the news that May had a horrific crash.

May was quick to respond to fans, assuring them that he was absolutely fine after being hospitalised. Hammond spoke about the crash to Grand Tour Nation and other press, saying:

“It was quite nice for once to be on the other side of it. I decided it’s much nicer not being the one who has had the accident but being one of the ones watching. It’s a better idea. I think I might go that route in the future. I prefer it.’

“I think selfishly I was more relieved than anything else that somebody had maybe taken the focus off me. Of course, we had a moment of a brief, fleeting concern for James but an overwhelming flood of concern for that fabulous car buried in a wall. It’s unforgivable.”

The Grand Tour presents: A Scandi Flick launches on Prime Video on 16th September 2022.

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