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James May Defends The Grand Tour and Jeremy Clarkson’s Controversial Tendencies

Recently Jeremy Clarkson was under fire yet again for what were considered offensive comments about gypsies in the premiere episode of The Grand Tour. A watchdog group in the U.K. filed a formal complaint with the regulation company Ofcom saying that the show had racist and intolerant speech.

Recently, Jeremy’s long time co-host and friend James May is out on the front line defending The Grand Tour, Amazon, Jeremy Clarkson, and most surprisingly, the BBC. May is well known for having differing opinions from Clarkson as well as being the most conservative of the trio of hosts, so his words may have more weight in a situation like this.

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In an interview with Vulture, James May said that “The BBC gave us almost complete freedom; they rarely interfered unless we really stepped over the line, they didn’t tell us what to do. There were a few basic house rules, but there are a few rules at Amazon as well. You can’t go completely mad and we wouldn’t want to.”

May continued saying that, “We wouldn’t want to do anything like incite riots or offend minority citizens or make distasteful jokes. We won’t do anything nasty. We don’t swear and cuss a lot, because we police ourselves. We’re still doing what we’ve always done.”


James went on to actually defend the BBC despite recent allegations that their legal team has bullied Amazon, forcing them to change The Grand Tour’s format,saying, “A lot of the stories of the BBC saying I can’t use some of my catchphrases is all nonsense.  They haven’t tried to bully us in any way whatsoever. It’s all gentlemanly.”

James went on to elaborate about the BBC saying further that, “I don’t have any quarrel with the BBC. I still work for them; I’m just making a short series for them. I hope we’ll get to the point where instead of having one really great, big car show, there’ll be two.”


It seems there are many sides to the story between the BBC and Amazon as well as everyone else involved. Time will tell just how chummy the two companies will be in the future. Until then, stay tuned to Grand Tour Nation for all the most up to date news and information on The Grand Tour, James, Richard, and Jeremy.

Source: Digital Spy

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