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James May Doesn’t Agree With Jeremy Clarkson Over Greta Thunberg “Mad and Dangerous”

Jeremy Clarkson has taken a great interest in young activist Greta Thunberg recently, calling her an “idiot”, and “mad and dangerous” over her activism regarding the earth’s environment and lack of government action. He blames her for “killing the car show”, and has written multiple columns on his thoughts.

James May was recently interviewed with MailOnline about this, and was quick to argue against Jeremy’s reasoning. The Grand Tour presenter said: “[Young people] seem to be less interested than we were because we had fewer distractions, but I’m not sure [Jeremy’s] right to be honest.

James May Has Bought Another New Car, And It's A Shock

“In London, Manchester and other big cities around Europe, cars are expensive, it’s difficult to manage, and it’s difficult to find somewhere to put them and the insurance is horrifying, and at the moment we have Uber, and public transport is pretty good in places.

“I don’t think it’s that they’re not interested, it’s that they don’t need to be interested. If you go out into the sticks, where our cottage is, I’d say young people do use cars because there isn’t much alternative.”

Like James says, living in a large city is already expensive before you add on the expenses associated with running a car. Plus, there isn’t the space to park it. You don’t have your own garage or driveway, so instead you have to pay for the car to be stored somewhere. For a young person on a lower wage, it’s impossible to afford this, but, being in the city, is there much point anyway?

The Grand Tour News: James May Reveals His New Car

“We have to lament that something we were very excited about in our twenties maybe doesn’t excite twenty-year-olds as much now, because they have other things to be excited about.

‘We didn’t have anything else, getting a car and learning to drive was a massive moment in our lives, maybe it isn’t such a big thing anymore.

“But I don’t think Greta has destroyed car programmes, we’re still making ours and as far as I saw the BBC are still making theirs, and there’s a few on the internet. So, I don’t know, maybe he’s feeling threatened.”

The Grand Tour returns tomorrow, Friday 13 December with the start of Season 4 aptly named Seamen. Top Gear is also back later this year with a Christmas special coming towards the end of the month on the 29th.

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