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James May Is Selling The “Nicest Car” He’s Ever Owned For Just One Reason

A year or so ago, James May decided to step into the world of the future with the purchase of two new cars: a Tesla Model S, and a Toyota Mirai. The former is possibly the most well known all-electric car on the market today, giving the owner a close to-luxury experience, a huge charging infrastructure, and plenty of performance.

The Toyota, on the other hand, is fuelled by hydrogen, and thanks to there being only 11 hydrogen fuelling stations on the UK, it’s very difficult to use on a day to day basis. Plus, the interior looks very much like a Prius, the exterior is arguably not so great looking, and it’s most definitely not fast with only 152 horsepower.

“Hello viewers,” The Grand Tour presenter begins. “This is my Toyota Mirai, which in many ways I believe is the nicest car I’ve ever owned.”

“I have had it for a while, and I do believe that cars are a little bit like fashion, you have to move on.”

He goes on to explain how the lack of fuelling stations has been an issue. “Frankly, I’m getting a bit old for that kind of thing, so I’ve decided this will go.”

So there will be a gap in May’s garage for something new. He says, “I’m going to replace it with something altogether more exciting.

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“So you can look out for that on my next video, which is ‘James buy a new motorlike, comment, subscribe – ha!” he shouts at his team who have obviously told him to do that at the end of the video.

During the video, we get a few shots of the ex-Top Gear presenter driving the Mirai and talking about its pros and cons. And while it was obvious that he liked it, he definitely didn’t bond with it. But he always said that he was purely interested in the future of cars and car technology, not that he actually yearned for that model.

So, what’s next for the presenter? Will he be buying a motorbike? Or will he be adding to his history of buying Ferraris? While I doubt it’s another Ferrari, I really have no idea what the next purchase could be. He has a habit of buying strange cars does our Captain Slow. Ideas?

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