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New Nissan 400Z Possible Specifications Leaked In Project Cars 3

Project Cars 3 has just added the new Nissan 400Z to its game along with a host of specs that has got us questioning whether these could be the real deal.

The 400Z was revealed last year to the public via a live stream from Nissan, where they gave us our very first look at the new Japanese sports car. With the 370Z model running out of steam after an incredibly long life, a new addition to the Z family, and especially one that harked back to the original cars, was a welcome bit of good news.

Nissan confirmed that powering the car would be a twin-turbo V6 engine, and the car would be “powerful, exciting, and engaging,” with a manual gearbox.

Now, Project Cars 3 has given us a potential spec list, giving us the following info:

  • Power: 331 kW (443.8 horsepower)
  • Weight: 1,475 kg (3251.8 lbs)

In comparison, the outgoing 370Z produces just 332 horsepower and has a kerb weight of 1,512kg, and the GR Supra sporting the I6 engine produces 382 horsepower and has a weight of 1542kg. If these numbers are correct for the 400Z, it’s going to be incredibly fast and rather monstrous with all of its power being sent to the rear wheels. If this is true, I’d hope that the suspension and dynamics of the car are reflective of the power it has at hand.

Obviously, these numbers aren’t confirmed by Nissan, who we will reach out to, and it’s likely that these are purely speculative numbers from the developer of the game. But this could be a nice little insight into what we’re in for when the car eventually hits either later this year, or 2022.

Source: News Nissanz

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