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James May Reflects on His Terrifying 75mph Crash During The Grand Tour Filming

James May recently shared his experience of a high-speed car accident while filming for The Grand Tour. The 59-year-old TV personality, known for his adventurous stunts, suffered a significant injury in the incident, which temporarily halted production.

Key Takeaways:

  • High-Speed Accident: While filming in Norway for The Grand Tour, James May was involved in a 75mph crash. He broke his rally car’s speed too late, resulting in a significant accident that caused him to sustain injuries and damaged the car.
  • Injury and Recovery: May broke at least one rib and spent a night in the hospital. Despite the severity of the crash, he maintained a humorous outlook, joking about adding drama to the show. His car was repaired, and he resumed filming after a one-day delay.
  • Perspective of Co-stars: Co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond expressed their concern for May’s well-being. Hammond, having experienced serious accidents himself, noted the inherent risks of their television stunts, emphasizing that real dangers are involved in their filming.

James May, a veteran television personality and co-star of The Grand Tour, has recently opened up about a severe car accident that occurred during the show’s filming. The incident, which took place in Norway, saw May driving at an alarming speed of 75 miles per hour. Unfortunately, his attempt to brake the rally car was too slow, leading to a dramatic crash. This not only caused physical injury to May but also set the filming schedule back by a day.

Despite the seriousness of the crash, May has managed to find humor in the situation. In a candid interview with Radio Times, he quipped, “I suppose. I did it deliberately, I knew it was going to be boring otherwise [so I] sort of drove it to the cliff! It was very brief, Made a loud bang. It wasn’t really that terrible, I don’t think. It looks quite dramatic but I was basically OK.” His light-hearted approach to the incident is a testament to his character.

However, the crash was not without its consequences. May revealed that he had broken at least one rib and required medical attention. The car he was driving also suffered significant damage, being bent ‘out of shape’. Despite these setbacks, May and his team were able to continue with the filming after some necessary repairs to both the car and himself.

May’s co-stars, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, also shared their perspectives on the incident. Reports had previously surfaced about May’s crash, with concerns being raised about his condition. Hammond, who has had his fair share of harrowing experiences, including a near-fatal crash in 2006, commented on May’s accident to the Mirror, stating:

 “A moment of brief, fleeting concern for James but an overwhelming flood of concern for that fabulous car buried in a wall.”

Yet, he also acknowledged the real dangers they face while filming, saying:

“We’ve learned and now James has learnt better than most people that just because you’re doing it for TV doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong.” content, balanced by his characteristic humor and the support of his team.

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