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James May Reveals He Felt “Hopeless” During The Grand Tour Madagascar Filming

Fans have waited almost a year for a new episode of the successful series The Grand Tour, starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. For this episode, the trio travelled to Madagascar for a pirate treasure hunt. Now the question begs, how did they survive. James May shared bits of their misadventures.

The episode is set to air on Amazon Prime Video on the 18th of December. The trio is back again with their usual bantering with their modified cars.

A Massive Hunt promises a treasure quest for apparently hidden treasure that takes them to Madagascar as they race around the island in cars of their own design.

The upcoming episode will see the hosts argue with each other as tension rises between them as challenges become tougher than anticipated. In previous reports, they got worried that they might not survive the beautiful yet harsh environment of the East African island.

Hammond divulged how:“Oh it’s up there for sure! I’d never been and I always wanted to go – it is incredible.

“It’s so rich in terms of flora and fauna and just the topography, the shape of the place, its animals and its history.

“It is an amazing place to visit, and I never forget as well that we’re very lucky.”

Both Clarkson and May agreed, however, emphasized that the island has one of the hardest terrains to navigate.

The area was up there, according to Clarkson, with some of the worst they’ve ever faced.

Clarkson supported Hammond’s claims on how difficult the challenges were at A Massive Hunt:

“Of course the backdrop is not gruelling at all because it was deserted white beaches, turquoise seas, and jungle all around us, overflowing with fruits and things to eat.

“It wasn’t the North Pole, it wasn’t a dessert but the going was really spectacularly tough.

“And I think every car fan will look and think how on earth could those sweet cars possibly have kept going in the way that they did.”

May, on the other hand, reiterated the language barrier during the filming of the episode:“Hammond can speak French a bit but quite often as it turns out he gets it wrong.

“But we don’t realise he’s getting it wrong because we’re not good enough in French to realise that he’s getting it wrong.

“So I’m afraid we’re our perfect ambassadors for England’s laziness with other languages that not one of us can speak another one properly.

“I can do a tiny bit of German and a tiny bit of Italian. I want to do a tiny bit of French just we’re pretty hopeless, I’m afraid!”

Watch The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt on Amazon Prime Video this December 18.

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