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James May Reveals His Favourite Car From 2018 in Q&A

With the first episode of The Grand Tour Season 3 now on Amazon, you can see that James May needs a haircut. Well, to be honest, this is just a continuity haircut as he calls it, but a barber’s is a great place to do a Q&A. Watch below to have James May answer all the pressing questions you need answers to. Like, for example, who’s the most annoying presenter. Clarkson, obvs.

In the midst of the questions, he’s asked what his favourite ‘normal’ car is. And according to one of the most significant motoring journalists of this time, it’s the Suzuki Swift.

But before you start gasping in shock and amazement, let’s just quickly think about this. It’s cheap. starting just above £12,000, and offers plenty of standard equipment such as DAB, air conditioning, and bluetooth. I’m trying to sell it here, guys…

The top spec is a bit more palatable, sitting at around £17,000. Unfortunately, it gave up on its naturally aspirated, perky engine from the last model, but this new turbocharged 1.4 engine is full of torque so, instead of pushing the engine to red-line to find peak power like the last mode, you can push it almost anywhere in the rpm-band and it will come on boost. The chassis is pretty nifty too with its sport suspension, but I think we’d rather take the Fiesta. Sorry James.

His favourite car from filming during 2018 though was the Alpine A110. He loved it so much he actually bought one. Surely that’s the best compliment? He loves it because it’s small, and therefore you have more road to play with.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t like the styling. He believes people are stuck looking at the past and therefore bring old cars back to life. May believes that we should stop doing this, because everything is better in the present.

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