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James May Reveals ‘James Gin Asian Parsnip: Navy Strength’ Is Now Available In The USA

James May’s new gin company has gone from strength to strength as he explores the new business and everything the world of gin has to offer. They started small, only offering a single gin in the shape of  James Gin: Asian Parsnip.

It was flavoured with Asian spices, but grounded by the earthy taste of British parsnips. It was simply delicious. And since it was released, it’s been incredibly popular with the first batch selling out faster than any of the James Gin team could expect.

Because of this, the second batch was quickly released and eventually made available to the US market.

Following this, James Gin released a Navy strength version of the gin. It was flavoured the same way, but this time with a 57% ABV. Back in the 18th century, gin and rum were made to Navy strength so if it ever found its way in any gunpowder that was just lying about, the powder would still light. Yes, that means it will set alight.

After thousands of Americans asking where there version was, The Grand Tour presenter has finally revealed the Foreigners Edition, which is available to buy in America from the website.

This is what James May had to say about it.

“Hello America. now a lot of people have asked me what could be better than James gin, Asian Parsnip, Navy strength.

“Well, the answer is James Gin Asian passive Navy strength, Foreigners Edition. And by foreigners, we mean you. Now on American shores out available to pre-order. Thanks.”

In a separate video, he said:

“Hello people of America. I just wanted to say that James Gin, Asian parsnip, Navy strength, Foreigners Edition s now fully on the sale in your wonderful country.

“And the first batch has almost gone. I’s just sayin’, innit.”

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