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James May Talks About Japanese Toilets And Our Man In Japan

In an interview with Joe, James May is not only asked about all the jobs he’s been fired from, but also about his upcoming show, Our Man In Japan. At this point, he tells us all about how going to the lavatory in Japan is a must-have experience. You can watch the video below.

We’ve discussed the full story of James May getting fired from Autocar, just because it’s such a good’n, but in this video he lists all the places he’s ultimately been fired from, which includes Top Gear Magazine, a sweet shop, a Volvo dealership, and the Civil Service.

He then goes on to talk Our Man in Japan, which is his new solo project with Amazon Prime Video alongside The Grand Tour, which has only recently been released. Sidestepping any real information about what he’s been up to, he discusses the county’s toilets and just how spectacular they are.

“Going to the lavatory in Japan is one of the highlights of the human existence,” he says seriously. He explains all the wonderful and whacky features these JDM toilets have, including the fact that they can play music to you, have a heated seat, and some even give you a healthy splash down after you’ve finished using it. It will even dry you off afterwards.

Some, worryingly, will test your stools and tell you how you can change your diet to become healthier, although these are the very expensive ones. James explains how you can judge a country by their toilets. For example, on visiting the Toyota factory in Japan, he can understand why Toyota are such good, reliable cars. They have good toilets! Compare that to when he went to Lada, and they’re rubbish, which explains the car.

I think it’s safe to say that James enjoyed his time on the Japanese bog, because he’s wondering whether he might buy one for his new home. We think he should!

Watch the trailer to Our Man In Japan here:

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