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The Grand Tour: James May Responds To Complaints As Football Pitch Is Repaired After Reckless Destruction During Episode

If you’ve already watched the new episode of The Grand Tour, some of you may be feeling rather sorry for the poor children who had their beloved football pitch ruined for a joke during A Massive Hunt. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May dug up the field in a Madagascan village during their hunt to find hidden pirate treasure, but James has quickly reached out to fans to let them know the damage was quickly reversed.

According to the ex-Top Gear presenter, the pitch is perfectly sound and looking better than it did before. In fact, when they started digging they knew that the pitch did indeed need repairing as it wasn’t level in the centre. While this move from the show received complaints from the public on the reckless damage done to a village within a developing nation, James was keen to respond.

He told “Not me personally but we did have it repaired. The football pitch actually needed mending, because it wasn’t level in the middle.”

The presenters have come under plenty of fire for the damage they’ve done during the filming of episodes for both Top Gear and The Grand Tour. The most reported was the controversy they caused within Argentina as they drove through with a number plate that was construed as being related to the Falklands War. More often than not, the trio is shown damaging something to make their viewers laugh.

James continued:

“So we filled it in and levelled it off and it’s actually a better football pitch now than it was. That was the deal.”

He added sarcastically, “No, we left a massive hole, and children are still falling in it. They’ve all been buried alive.”

Later in the episode, Clarkson is seen blowing up a beach using sticks of dynamite. And while he wasn’t involved in the digging of the hole, he’s managed to dodge any complaints regarding that segment.

He said, “I knew that I’d be blamed by [the media]. It would have been a huge story that Jeremy Clarkson has done this, but actually, I haven’t.”

The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt is available to watch now on Amazon Prime Video.

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  1. Didn’t they utterly destroy the field in the most famous rugby stadium in Britain during the car ruby skit? Where was the outrage there? Oh wait, it was going to be repaired and reseeded anyway so nothing was actually destroyed….like this instance. Sheesh you would expect people would think this through that of course the field would have been repaired after. Some people just want to complain about any perceived slight.

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