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James May Wins Race to Teach Us Yoga

Top Gear Series 16 East Coast Road Trip Special: the boys take a Ferrari 458, Mercedes SLS AMG, and a Porsche 911 GT3 RS across the US East Coast. Highlights include the Blue Ridge Parkway (with it’s speed limits), a session around the Virginia International Raceway, drive by shootings (a favorite American pastime), and a nail biting race through Manhattan to determine who would land the one available spot on an American TV show.

It’s the American TV show part that I want to focus on today. If you recall it turned out that the show was a local yoga show, which James May had the distinct privilege of participating in. At the end of the episode they showed a short clip of May struggling to hold some yoga poses, but I personally never saw the whole thing. Well, here it is in full:

It’s glorious. The audio leaves a little to be desired as it kept cutting in and out in the beginning, but otherwise, I enjoyed watching James attack these poses. And James is…well, James. It was wonderful watching him talk about their trip in the beginning, and of course it was excellent watching him try a new things.

I’ll tell you something; other than watching my kids do Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube, I can safely say that I have never been entertained watching a yoga instructional video before.

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