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F1 News: Carlos Sainz’s Representatives Put Record Straight On Audi Rumours

Rumours and speculations are the lifeblood of Formula 1, but sometimes they need clarification. Recent whispers about Ferrari’s ace driver, Carlos Sainz, moving to Audi with a pre-contract have been making rounds. However, here’s a deeper dive into the situation.

Carlos Sainz, the prodigious talent behind Ferrari’s wheel, seems to have his heart set on the Scuderia powerhouse. Despite the buzz around his potential move to Audi, sources close to Sainz reveal his clear preference. As cited by, someone from the Spaniard’s camp clarifies:

“Plan A is Ferrari. Plan B is Ferrari and plan C also remains Ferrari”.

It’s evident that Sainz wishes to extend his flourishing partnership with Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s young maestro. Their camaraderie and combined prowess on the track have been an essential asset to the Maranello-based team.

Fred Vasseur, the astute team chief of Ferrari, remains tight-lipped about the future contractual plans. Currently, all eyes and efforts are on the SF-23 F1 car, especially with big events like the U.S. Grand Prix on the horizon.

However, there’s unmistakable excitement brewing behind the scenes at Ferrari. Their preparations for the 2024 season include a stellar team, with Enrico Cardile touted to be the technical director, Enrico Gualtieri helming the engine division, Diego Tondi steering aerodynamics, and Fabio Montecchi crafting the vehicle’s concept.

While Audi’s interest in Sainz is evident, they’re also gradually deepening their collaboration with Sauber. This partnership is expected to reach its zenith with Audi’s engine introduction in 2026.

Andreas Seidl, Sauber Group’s CEO, is diligently crafting plans for 2025. However, names like Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu might not be part of this blueprint. Audi’s primary mission? Establishing a dominant presence in F1. This ambition calls for racers aligned with their visionary goals, though there’s yet to be an official word on their choices.

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