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James May’s New Pub Receives First Christmas Day Booking

We’ve banged on about this enough, but hey BIm, guess what! James May has bought a pub alongside a partner who is staying silent. The new pub is based in Swallowcliffe near Salisbury and named The Royal Oak, and while we’re very excited, the UK government has implemented Covid regulations that could make life difficult for May.

But while the pub is still closed, likely down to the team doing the odd bit of work inside alongside the fact that it could be too expensive to hire a workforce for the potential customer base at the moment, the pub has received its first booking for Christmas.

“Whilst the Government have decided to relax some of their restrictions from 4th July and allow the opening of pubs, we have decided to remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Details of our reopening will be published here in due course.”

-The Royal Oak website

Good news from #TheRoySwallowcliffe – we’ve taken our first booking for CHRISTMAS DAY,” May posted to Twitter. “But we need more to justify buying a whole turkey, otherwise it’s chicken dippers ‘n’ sprouts,” he jokes.

If you fancy eating at May’s pub over the Christmas period, you can book by clicking the big button below.

Book a table at The Royal Oak

If you live far out and you’re not sure you’ll be able to make it a worthy trip, the pub also has rooms available that allow you to stay overnight. 

All we want to know is whether James May will be cooking or not. Watching him take on Gordon Ramsay with a winning fish pie… we’re hoping he is. 

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